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1990 Honda Accord

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1990 Honda Accord

1990 Honda Accord

The 1990 Honda Accord was both impressive and innovative in its day. However, those innovations are now outdated and a lack of modern safety features make for a dangerous drive from today’s perspective. Consumers shopping for a used car should turn their attention the late-1990s model Accords at the very least. There is not a great deal of savings to be had buying early 1990s as opposed to late 1990s. Even if one were to find a 1990 Honda Accord preserved in a museum the lack of safety features would be a serious concern.

The 1990 Honda Accord launched the fourth vehicle generation, and this model marks the shift from compact to mid-size vehicle. This change in size and the impetus behind innovations and added amenities was the tremendous success the Ford Taurus was experiencing in the North American market. In retrospect, Honda did not simply play catch up, they innovated a competitor that would become an industry standard.

Another notable aspect of this fourth-generation Accord was the significant engine design changes that Honda made. All of the North American models included an all-new all-aluminum 2.2-liter 16-valve electronically fuel injected engine. In addition, all Accords sold with the optional automatic transmission included an electronically controlled rear engine mount that reduced low frequency vibration and noise.

The 1990 Honda Accord also marks the introduction of the DX, LX and EX trim levels that are still used on Accord models today. These were available on the sedan and coupe body styles. The DX and LX models included a 4-cylinder engine that generates 125 horsepower, while the EX boasts a 130 horsepower version.

The DX was an economy-focused base level that included almost no amenities and for which air-conditioning was a dealer-installed option. The LX trim level included standard amenities such as air-conditioning and power accessories. The EX trim added leather upholstery and upscale interior accents.

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